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Brian Clifton, Google Analytics Expert and Renowned Author

10 Years of Google Analytics: How Digital Analytics Has Changed

Evan Sikes, Director of Marketing at Cowan’s Auctions

How We Achieved a 145% Increase in Online Conversations

Michele Kiss, Senior Partner at Web Analytics Demystified

Pairing Analytics With Qualitative Methods to Understand the WHY

Amy Sample, Senior Director of Digital Analytics at PBS Digital

Getting Analytics Out of Digital

Elizabeth Eckels, Owner of Smalls Consulting, LLC

How to Redeem Yourself From Data Dumps and Robot Reporting

Jordan Christensen, Head of Data and Platform at Wattpad

Becoming an Effective Data Driven Organization

Steve Caldwell, CEO and Co-Founder of Strap

Taking a Human Approach to Data: Personalizing Marketing

Eugene Pyatigorsky, Director of Commercial Insights at Ahalogy

Achieving Game Changing Results with Content + Data